Connect people through hopiin events.

Connect people genuinely online through networking events, social meetups, and more. A hopiin event is the best way to build real bridges online.

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How to Hopiin

Create genuine connections online, without the hassle, with the people you actually want to meet.

  • Join a Hopiin Event

    Select or get invited to an interesting event, register and then attend online through your browser.

  • Meet Other Attendees

    Once your in the event you'll start one to one timed 'speed meetings' with other event attendees.

  • Create New Connections

    If you mutually click 'connect' with someone during the event, you then unlock their profile and can continue to chat via messaging.


A Few Use Cases

Check out some potential use cases for the software, contact us to discuss any ideas you have.

Education Platforms

Connect your students with recruiters online without any physical restraints, and/or host internal or alumni events for a global network.

Online Communities

It's hard to create a meaningful connection on the web via chat, host awesome events for your community to create more value.

Company Events

Hopiin events are the easiest way for your employees to get to know each other especially for remote or international companies.

Two-Sided Events

Host a two sided networking event e.g. startup/investor pitching, recruiter/job-seeker meeting, buyer/seller trading, tech/non-tech founders event(s).

Private Events

Create a private event for a group of individuals to meet and network without having to leave their homes.

Focus Groups

Invite a focus group to speak with each other in recorded conversations about your product without any stress.


Easy to Customize

Hopiin is simple, streamlined and feature-packed.

Simple to Use

Easily setup your event within minutes.


Set event description, timings, and more...

24/7 Support

Anytime you need us around.


Show your brand, and have a profile.

Insightful Analytics

Get the big picture over the entire event, without frills.


Track event attendance, and get a summary,

Collect Emails

Add/export attendees to your email list.


Track revenue through Stripe or Paypal.

Key Metrics

View all the important statistics.



Create a web event today.

Let's have a chat and brainstorm ideas for your company, community or idea.