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Indie Maker Global Meetup #2 - Tech vs Non-Tech

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After the success of the first online meetup a lot of the feedback from the maker community we're going to make this a recurring event to boost the community.

This time you can join as Tech or Non-Tech maker and based on that you will be matched with someone who is of the opposite expertise.

Network, pitch your ideas, share tips, and potentially even find a co-founder! 

How does it work?
Sign up as either a tech or non-tech maker.

You'll five minutes to speak one-on-one via video with other attendees in succession, if you're interested in connecting and speaking after the event then click connect during the session, if you both have mutually clicked 'connect' then you're profiles will be made available after the event to further explore.

Only 50 spots available on both sides.
2 Ticket Types Available
Non-tech ticket
33 tickets remaining
Tech ticket
35 tickets remaining

This event is for people from or based in Global.
Distance from others will not be considered in this event.
Add to Calendar 2019-02-07 20:00:00 UTC 2019-02-07 21:00:00 UTC Europe/London Indie Maker Global Meetup #2 - Tech vs Non-Tech An online networking event for Indie Makers around the globe to network online and potentially find a co-founder.

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