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Became a hopiin host and organise events for business, social, or community.

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Host local or worldwide events online and enjoy access to attendees without borders or barriers.

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Enjoy a simple, streamlined process from your idea to your event: no more venue hassles or logistical nightmares.

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Each event can hold up to 75,000 attendees; realize your ambition without a maximum capacity.

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Events can be adapted to a range of events – from networking or speed dating to meeting other hobbyists..


Utilise our host and events dashboard to manage your events with a wide range of features.


Online events people love

Set up your customised event page and set your event times, geographical restrictions, interaction time and more in a few short minutes.

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Take control of your event

Enjoy analytics and insights of your event: instantly monitor attendee analytics, page views and revenue all on your dashboard.

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24/7 and Dedicated

Utilise Stripe secure checkout and our Hopiin support team, who are always on hand to provide expert and targeted support when you need us.

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Become a Hopiin host.