Why Should You Host Hopin Events?

Discover some use cases from our own experience and our customers' experiences. Learn how to grow your business doing online events.

Two-Sided Fair

Investor/Startup Pitching? Buyer/Seller Trade Fair? Career Fair? Host on Hopin with ease.

Online Conference

Host a completely online conference through a live video conferencing and one to one networking.

Online Meetup

Remote meetups are great for increasing engagement and creating genuine relationships otherwise difficult online.

Influencer Meets

Setup an event for people to meet you or an influencer/VIP for a set amount of time.

Product Launch

Launch your product through Hopin and present through a recorded or live video, hear what others have to say.

Pre/Post Conference Meetings

Most conferences provide a limited or scary networking experience, Hopin provides a great solution.

Focus Groups

Get insights through one-to-one focus discussions, show a video or set of data and organise through Hopin.


Streamline your recruitment process through Hopin, provide meaningful insights.

Speed Dating

It's really simple to setup a speed dating event online, just set the important fields to you.

Find out about how Hopin can be used in your industry.

Hopin is a valuable tool for increasing workplace productivity, community engagement, recruitment and more.

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